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EFI Live Tuning Services

We offer fully customized EFI Live tunes for your Duramax truck. Choose from a single tune or a DSP5 switch with 5 switchable tunes on the fly. LB7 and LLY trucks have the option of switching their EFI Live tunes with the Edge Color Touch Screen (CTS).

COMPETITION ONLY SLED PULLING/RACE  Pushes the truck and its components to the max for the love of the sport, bragging rights, and maybe some money and a trophy. (Sled pulling version has no shift defuel) See it in action.

RACE Designed to be completely streetable but don't be fooled, this tune will throw you in your seat and leave the competition wanting.  You'll have a grin on your face guaranteed!

LOPE Ever imagined how your truck would sound if it would lope like a big block V-8 gas engine combined with the rumble of a diesel?

TOWING Adds a small amount power all through the powerband of the engine helping the truck hold speed while towing and reduces downshifts and gear hunting.

TOWING WITH TURBO BRAKE Much like the towing tune but has an integrated turbo brake just like the new 2011 LML Duramax. The turbo brake only engages when you let off the throttle completely and is most effective when you are in tow haul mode. Turbo brake automatically disengages below 1200 RPM so that it does not disrupt city driving from stop light to stop light.1

MILEAGE Get better mileage out of your truck while maintaining the power where you need it. It is that simple.

STOCK SUPER HISS Leaves everything stock except for the turbo while idling. This thing sounds like a jet engine just sitting there and is a real head turner! 1

STOCK Just like it rolled off the show room floor.  I'm guessing you won't spend much time in this tune, but it is nice to compare sometimes and remind you how awesome you're other tunes are.

All tunes come with the option of:
1.  Being the envy of all your friends.
2.  2004.5 LLY and newer, turbo adjustments to decrease EGT cool down time at idle.
3.  Tire size and gear ratio adjustments.
4.  Smoothed pedal response.
5.  Speed limiter removal.
7.  Being switched with the EDGE Color Touch Screen (CTS) on LB7 and LLY trucks.

12004.5 LLY and newer Duramax only.

Detailed tune descriptions according to model year and pricing is now available in our store!

Interested in best EFI Live tuning in the nation?  Check out what we have to offer for your truck!

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